What to enter: We are looking for creative and striking photos of people enjoying Snowshoe and Pocahontas County! Show us you and yours having fun in any of the four seasons while exploring and adventuring in Nature’s Mountain Playground. These photos must be taken in Pocahontas County to be a part of the seasonal photo competition. But take our sunglasses with you and take and take photos at home or on your next adventure and send us a picture or wear them around the county for a chance to be an instant winner. You are responsible for obtaining the necessary release from individuals depicted and must be available to provide copies of those releases to MVR upon request.

How to enter: After taking a photo with our glasses, submit them electronically to mvrphotocontest@gmail.com . Send each separately and the following information: who is in the photo, who took the photo, contact address and phone, location, date it was taken and why you thought this place and time was “Cool”.
Eligibility and Judging: Photos should be JPG, or JPEG files of no less the 2MG (2048K). Images will be downloaded weekly to both our webpage @ Snowshoerentals.com and on our Facebook page @ Mountain Valley Realty. We reserve the right not to post any photo due to content. Photos will be judges seasonally, every 3 months for a winner. Photos will be judges on originality, composition, artistic merit, and general coolness by our marketing department.

Deadlines: Deadline for submission and winners will be announced on our Facebook page @ Mountain Valley Realty
Your Rights: You grant to MVR a nonexclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free license to reproduce, distribute and publicly display the photos you submit through the contest.